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Next Payout: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC

Announcement: [2018-06-24 16:20 UTC] Similar to other pools, to show more sig figs for precision, we will be moving algos: keccak, keccakc, nist5, lbry, skein, from mBTC/Mh/day to mBTC/Gh/day on July 1st 2018. Most auto switching scripts authors have updated their software, please make sure you update to their latest build that reads the correct units from the pool's API.

Announcement: [2018-07-01 00:00 UTC] We have changed the units of keccak, keccakc, nist5, lbry, skein to mBTC/Gh/day. Please make sure you are reading the correct factor and values from the API.

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