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Next Payout: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC

A Hash Pool
  • This is a mining pool that auto-exchange all earnings to BTC without exception. No registration is required. Payouts are made to the BTC address you mine with as your username. Please make sure you use the correct BTC address. We will not entertain any requests to transfer balance of addresses no matter the reason.
  • 这是一个自动转换所有收益到BTC的矿池。这个矿池将在每个算法中自动分配算力到当前最佳利润的加密货币。所有挖矿都是与交易价格挂钩。
  • 這是一個自動轉換所有收益到BTC的礦池。這個礦池將在每個算法中自動分配算力到目前最大利潤的加密貨幣。所有挖礦都是與交易價格掛鉤。
  • Payouts are made automatically every 24 hours for all balances above 0.003 BTC. This minimum payout threshold in subject to change from time to time, especially when the BTC network is congested. There is an initial delay before the first payout as coins you mine need to mature, sent to exchange, traded at exchange and get sent back to the pool, please wait at least 24 hours before asking for support.
  • 每24小时将自动发出一次0.005BTC 以上余额的付款。在第一次付款前有一个初始延迟,因为您需要等待您的加密货币变成熟,交易并返回到矿池,请等待至少24小时才寻求支援。
  • 每24小時將自動發出一次0.005BTC 以上餘額的付款。在第一次付款前有一個初始延遲,因為您需要等待您的加密貨幣變成熟,交易並返回到礦池,請等待至少24小時才尋求支援。
  • This pool will auto allocate hash power to the current most profitable coins in each algorithm. All mining is pegged to exchange prices. The earnings rate is provided as an estimate only and will fluctuate based on coin difficulty and exchange rates. Estimated earnings may be reduced after a block is mined if the exchange rate falls before the coin can be sold on an exchange.
  • 收益率仅作为估计,将根据加密货币难度和汇率波动。如果在交易所上市以前的汇率下降,则挖采区块后,预算收益可能会下降
  • 收益率僅作為估計,將根據加密貨幣難度和匯率波動。如果在交易所上市以前的匯率下降,則挖采區塊後,預算收益可能會下降。
  • Addresses without any mining activity and shares submitted for 90 days are considered inactive. Inactive accounts are purged and any remaining balances are forfeited.
  • 地址超过3个月不进行任何挖矿即被视为无效。 非活动账户会在3个月后被清除,剩余结余将被没收。
  • 地址超過3個月不進行任何挖礦即被視為無效。 非活動賬戶會在3個月後被清除,剩餘結餘將被沒收。

All-in-one Auto-switching script (for Beginners)
  • For Windows OS, with Nvidia Graphics Cards with driver 384.xx or above
  • 适用於Windows操作系统,Nvidia 显卡 驱动程序为384.xx 或 以上
  • 適用於Windows操作系統,Nvidia 顯卡 驅動程序為384.xx 或 以上
  • Download our SniffDog fork package from GitHub:
  • 下载:
  • 下載:
  • 1. Unzip and Edit the startsniffin.bat file with notepad

  • 1. 解压 并 用记事本 编辑 startsniffin.bat 档案

  • 1. 解壓 並 用記事本 編輯 startsniffin.bat 檔案

  • 2. Change the -Wallet 1AMQg.... to your BTC wallet address

  • 2. 更改 -Wallet 1AMQg.... 至你的 BTC wallet 钱包地址

  • 2. 更改 -Wallet 1AMQg.... 至你的 BTC wallet 錢包地址

  • 3. Save the file, and run the file startsniffin.bat

  • 3. 储存 并 执行档案 startsniffin.bat

  • 3. 儲存 並 執行檔案 startsniffin.bat

  • It will take awhile (30 mins+) to benchmark your system for every algorithm to calculate the performance baseline.
  • 这将需要一段时间(30分钟+)来衡量您的系统为每个算法来计算性能基准。
  • 這將需要一段時間(30分鐘+)來衡量您的系統為每個算法來計算性能基準。
  • After that, it will automatically choose the most profitable algorithm at the moment to mine, and auto switch every 300 seconds (the default -interval, which can be modified in startsniffin.bat)
  • 之后,它会自动选择当前最有利可图的算法,并每隔300秒自动切换一次(默认时间间隔,可以在startsniffin.bat中修改)
  • 之後,它會自動選擇當前最有利可圖的算法,並且每300秒自動切換一次(默認時間間隔,可以在startsniffin.bat中修改)

STRATUM SERVERS (for Experienced Miners)
STRATUM 伺服器(高階礦工)
STRATUM 伺服器(高阶礦工)
  • -o stratum+tcp://<ALGO><PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=BTC,[<OPTIONS>]

  • <WALLET_ADDRESS> must be a valid BTC address. Incorrect addresses will result in forfit of earning.
  • <WALLET_ADDRESS> 必须是有效的BTC地址。 不正确的地址将导致收益被没收。
  • <WALLET_ADDRESS> 必須是有效的BTC地址。 不正確的地址將導致收益被沒收。
  • <OPTIONS> Password must have c=BTC as one of the parameters. For example: c=BTC,ID=Rig1 . WARNING: some mining programs use comma , as a delimiter (such as Claymore and its *.txt config file), so it is recommended to put c=BTC as the first parameter in front of other parameters to avoid your mining program stripping away c=BTC
  • <OPTIONS> 必须有 c=BTC 作为参数之一。 例如:c=BTC,ID=Rig01
  • <OPTIONS> 必須有 c=BTC 作為參數之一。 例如:c=BTC,ID=Rig01
  • If you or your mining program fail to correctly send the c=BTC in the password field, you will not see your worker in your wallet page and you will not receive any earning.
  • 如果您未能正确设置加密货币到BTC,您将不会得到任何收益。
  • 如果您未能正確設置加密貨幣到BTC,您將不會得到任何收益。
  • See the "Pool Status" area on the right for PORT numbers. Algorithms without associated coins are disabled.
  • 请参阅右侧的“矿池状态”区域以获取端口号。 没有关联加密货币的算法会被禁用。
  • 請參閱右側的“礦池狀態”區域以獲取端口號。 沒有關聯加密貨幣的算法會被禁用。